Customers within the core business of Scholz Group have long known Scholz Industrieservice GmbH as a reliable outsourcing partner. The company, founded in 2003, takes on entire processes from the areas of industrial supply and disposal across all sectors. It coordinates challenging logistics concepts, disposal concepts, and service concepts, and helps alleviate bottlenecks with its personnel leasing.

After the founding of the company, Scholz Industrieservice GmbH mainly made its mark with services for the automotive industry: the company reworks car body panels, disassembles used steering systems and catalytic converters, and stocks these. However, Scholz Industrieservice GmbH quickly expanded its range of services. By now, 153 employees assemble, disassemble, clean, check, sort, and blast components for customers from various industries. Handling demolition and disposal projects is part of the service portfolio of Scholz Industrieservice GmbH as well. The company also takes care of customers’ inventory management, storage space planning and development, handling of empties, incoming and outgoing goods inspections, and national and international transport of goods.