Scholz Group’s range of products and services is probably the most extensive among recyclers of scrap steel and scrap metal. The Group recycles all metal waste. It carries out demolitions and gutting projects and takes apart military and railway vehicles. Scholz Group recovers resources from these materials which it then supplies to hundreds of steel mills, foundries, and smelters worldwide. In addition, the companies of Scholz Group operate across the globe as producers of stainless steel and aluminum and as providers of industrial services.

Whether it comes to the collection, storage, sorting, processing, sale, recovery, recirculation, and finishing of metal or the trade with metal, Scholz Group is a one-stop shop. The Group’s access to high-yield and high-quality raw material sources provides independence and guarantees customers a consistently high level of supply security. Moreover, customers benefit from tailored solutions, a global network, and the good feeling of working with a decidedly eco-conscious recycler of steel scrap and nonferrous metal scrap. Scholz Group developed a number of pioneering processing methods and is one of the few service providers in recycling that handles all steps in the resource cycle with its own companies.